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Due to the constant stock shortages of LEGO experienced in South Africa we cannot do pre-orders or pre-booking of items. We also do not have a system in place to reserve stock. We receive so many requests and it is inevitable that somewhere we will miss an e-mail or telephonic request and subsequently get ourselves into trouble.


When an item becomes available, you will be sent an email to notify you. Go ahead and place your order so that you reserve the item. You will have 7 days to make payment. First come, first serve.

LEGO Stock in SA

Why is LEGO in SA sometimes difficult to come by?

Reasonably priced LEGO in South Africa comes directly from LEGO SA. Their stock, in turn, comes from head office in Denmark. South Africa is assigned a preset consignment of stock per annum. From this consignment, all LEGO vendors in SA must be given a share.

Since SA ranks low on the LEGO food chain, we have to scramble for the pieces made available to us.


LEGO Pre-orders?

Why we don't do pre-orders

Simply because stock for a certain item is never guaranteed. Placing an order with our supplier for items x,y,z often renders receipt of items x,y,c.

That's why we only sell items that we have available on our shelves.

This has been the case with LEGO in our experience for the past 10 years.

Sourcing LEGO

We do not import

If you want something not available to SA, please try If you want advice on reputable sellers, contact us on

Hard to find items

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